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Relationships.  This is a value we celebrate at Lift Church.  Relationships start with becoming acquainted with others.  But it doesn't end there.  Relationships develop into meaningful moments that are spent together in the ultimate relationship with GOD.   Sure.  We intend to share meaningful moments every time we gather to worship at Lift Church.  These moments focus on building our relationship to God.  It is the first commandment according to Jesus--"love GOD with all your heart, mind and strength."  But Jesus didn't stop there.  He said the next commandment is to "love your neighbor as yourself." Connect Groups are the best way to build relationships with others.  So get acquainted with your neighbors at Lift Church and join a small group.  Let's work together to create meaningful moments in our life as a church. -Steve Bradshaw

Below is a list of our current connect groups. Feel free to browse and find the perfect group for you and your family.

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Food Pantry

Elba Plyman

WHEN: Every other Monday 9AM (Setup) 2PM (Distribution)

WHERE: Lift Church - Activities Room

CONTACT:  Elba Plyman (941) 258-0947


Temple Wellness

Sandy Sampson

WHEN: Tuesdays 6:30PM Starting September 12

WHERE: Nokomis

WHAT: Take this restoration journey to temple wellness. The Holy Spirit resides in our body. Let us give Him a worthy place to live. God’s Will is for us to have a healthy body, renewed mind, fit and able to do what He created us for. 

CONTACT: Sandy Sampson (804) 239-8715


Very, Very Ancient History  

Dennis Steen

WHEN: Tuesdays 7PM Starting October 3

WHERE: Lift Church - Activities Room

WHAT: Using scripture, maps and other resources, we will explore the patriarchs, the exodus and wilderness wanderings, and kings, exile, and the return to Israel. This study will be more academic than most classes, but the insights gleaned will improve your overall understanding of the Bible. 

Contact: Dennis Steen  (941) 258-8110


Men’s Basketball  

Joey Adams

WHEN: Every other Monday 7:30PM Starting September 11

WHERE: Venice Island Courts WHAT: Come join us for some basketball amongst friends. It will be an easy way to exercise and build relationships. Teens are welcome but it will be adult playing full-speed, so play at your own risk. Childcare not provided.  



“Spirituality: What is it, do I have it, and what do I do with it?”

Santiago & Carol Gallegos

WHEN: Sundays 4PM Starting August 6

WHERE:  Venice

WHAT: This is a group for those who are doubters, believers, drifters, seekers to come and share this journey of discovery.  



Rock Your Marriage

Mary Beth Bradshaw

When:Sundays 5PM   September 24, October 22, and November 19

WHAT: Want to have fun with your spouse, meet other couples and strengthen your relationship?  Join us and be ready to Rock Your Marriage!  Childcare provided.

Contact: 248-770-4130


The 695

Joey Adams/Emily Buckley/Ashlyn Weed

WHEN: Thursday, 7:30PM Starting September 7

WHERE: Lift Church - Activities Room

WHAT: A group for 18 to 29-year olds to get to know one another and learn what the Lord has in store for their lives. Follow us on Instagram @the695atlift and DM us for more information!


Life Apps

Tom and Chet Touhey

WHEN: Thursdays 7PM Starting August 24

WHERE:  Venice

WHAT: Andy Stanley and Jeff Henderson take us through five Bible apps to enhance, improve, and live by.  Childcare not provided.



Knotted Together

Nancy Deura / Chet Touhey

WHEN: Every other Monday 7PM

WHERE:  Venice

WHAT: Fun nights of knitting and crocheting for beginners to experts! Nancy will be bringing samples of everything you will need to get started. Childcare not provided.   Ecclesiastes 4:12




Back Pack Program

WHEN: Every other Wednesday 10AM

WHERE: Contact Elba Plyman

WHAT: Pack and deliver backpacks of food for Venice Elementary.

CONTACT:  Elba Plyman (941) 258-0947


Coffee with Coach

Jen Cross

WHEN: 1st Saturday of Every Month Starting September 2

WHERE: Lift Church

WHAT: Learn more about how to make healthy living choices with Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach Jen Cross. Creating friendships with others who are also pursuing a healthier lifestyle.  A new topic will be explored each month ending with some Q&A. This group is open to all and is a great opportunity to invite friends and neighbors.

CONTACT: (941) 932-5576


Not Forgotten

Andre and Michelle Carrero

WHEN: Every other Friday 6:30pm

Starting September 7

WHERE: East Venice

WHAT: A topical study about the simplicity of presenting the gospel and being a part of the body of Christ in Fellowship, Discipleship and Accountability. Kid friendly.

CONTACT: (425) 238-6270


Plant Based Recipes for Health

Linda Teets / Sandy Sampson

WHEN: Tuesdays Starting Noveber 21

WHERE: Venice

WHAT: We’ll cook and eat some great plant based recipes for a healthy body! Please make a reservation.

CONTACT: Linda Teets (941) 928-2299


God's Mercy, Grace, and Forgiveness

Ken and Joan Dykes / Dennis and Sheryl Steen  

WHEN: Thursdays 7PM Starting September 7

WHERE: Venice / North Port

WHAT: Whether you want a better understanding, to solidify your own beliefs, or just be better equipped to answer a friend's questions, you are invited to join us on Thursday evenings.

CONTACT: Dennis and Sheryl Steen (941) 740-4442   Ken and Joan Dykes (229) 292-3493


Football Nights at Buffalo Wild Wings

Steve Bradshaw / Michael Hawley  

WHAT: Random football games will be chosen throughout the season and a group text will go out to invite men to meet at the North Port BW3’s. 



Present over Perfect

Jen Cross

WHEN: Thursdays 7PM Starting September 21

WHERE: North Port

WHAT: No bells and whistles, and no perfection! Come as you are and take a time-out to re-connect with yourself and other women. 

CONTACT: Jen Cross (941) 932-5576


Soul Healing

Sandy Sampson

WHEN: Thursdays 6:30PM Starting September 7

WHERE: Nokomis

WHAT: A study of Dr. Tammy Smith’s book “Soul Healing”  Seek peace through Jesus’ healing of past wounds.  A life changing guide to re-evaluating major past wounds with truth, compassion, and forgiveness.

CONTACT: (804) 239-8715


Leading Connect Groups

Bob and Jill Wiedman

WHEN: Date and Time TBD

WHERE: Will be held at the homes of those participating.
WHAT: A group for those who want to get more involved in leading or hosting a small group.

Contact: (209) 534-9127