Forming a Connect Group

Here at Lift Church, we believe in the value of relationship. Our Connect Groups play an important role in that as we build relationship with each other and relationship with God.

If you are interested in forming a Connect Group, please read through the information below to better understand the role and expectations of a leader. If, after consideration, you are interested in pursuing Connect Group leadership please follow the instructions below to complete the Connect Group Application. Once we receive your application, we will contact you for a meeting, either by phone or in person, to discuss the details of your Connect Group. If you have questions regarding any of the following information, please email Callie at


Role of a Connect Group Leader

Connect Group leaders are responsible for providing their groups with vision, direction and

support. Leaders are successful when they personally love God, live out their faith, serve others

well, and encourage their group members to grow in these areas as well.



  • Be connected at Lift Church and attend regularly.

  • Commit to leading your group with loyalty, integrity, and love.

  • Attend Connect Group training as available.

Connect Group Application